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Vacation Lyrics

Max B – Vacation Lyrics

Look at the Biggavell go, look him cruising
Mufuckas tryna stop the movement
From basements to the penthouses we moving
This is what you call a Vacation (Call a vacation)
It's big playa entertainment
Talking all slick will get your brain lit
So just the eight flipped out on my arraignment
This is what you call [?]

Strap up, throw up heat
Leave rap niggas shook, like it's throw up week
I blow up coke, go up creek
Sawed off hit ya gut make ya throw up feet (Ow)
II go up streets chain all out
Ring all out
Big fifth bag all out
Got the 24s
Armored up
We cruising
Car stop still  looks like wee moving
Yeah, I gave him the stage
Took the 80 out the deposit and gave him a wage
Put the .80 up in the closet and gave him the gauge
Put the .80 up to his noggin and gave a fade
Time magazine gave him a column
Newsweek saw the corspe and they gave him the page
It's Gain Green baby!
Gators and braids
Cocksuckers get the can when the .80's get sprayed

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