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Grand Cru Lyrics

Max B – Grand Cru Lyrics

Can't have our cake and eat it too
She said between me and these streets, you've got to choose
Said you know a nigga love that cru girl.(Grand Cru all day)
She said between me and these streets, you've got to choose

[Max B: Verse 1]
I be 30 thousand feet, dippin' through the sky
Double shot of hen, first class, Biggavelli fly
Gotta love him that's that nigga b
Cocky, arrogant, real niggery
Baby taste this dick, come and get with me
Bet you I can fuck you on the first night, mami get your worth right
Homie tryna splash cause your skirt tight
Baby why your purse light? Step it up
Fendi bag, Chloe bag, nigga steady stressing bout the dough he had
Oh he bad. Byrdgang? yup. Damn them niggas up
Throw me jabs, first thing yup. Then them niggas fuck-
Bitches with them bigger tits, that's a blast, kiss her lips, slap her ass
Lick the dick then flag a cab
Time to blow it baby girl its getting hot in here, you ain't gotta go to home groupie
But your outta here

You can look, but you can't touch
Touch, but you can't taste
Taste, but you can't eat
Max you's a damn freak
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