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Oh, Oh, Oh Lyrics

Max B – Oh, Oh, Oh Lyrics

Shit sound different
I'm a make it work, put in that lean
Biggavel, uh
Another black classic, Gain Greene
J Phizzle, what's good baby, (uh) yeah
Fuck with ya boy, Zhia what's good baby, Bruno
Soft Boy, let's go

[Verse 1]
It's like, oh, oh, oh
I got it from papi chulo, it's 30 a gram for the blow
Keep the canon for the snow
And I know you can't stand a nigga, you owe
Can it nigga, you cold, goddammit nigga, you bold
Fuckin' with Biggavel and I
Send some bullets up in a nigga Pell
Leave him stinkin' in front of his Bentley
Then peel in the Lincoln in front of his men V
Tryna see what I say (uh-uh) caught you bitches, couldn't reach
Catch him slippin' while he alone and catch him for his piece
I'm a catch him for his sneaks, like back in '89
I never lie, I fucked with no rubber, that baby mine
She said, "Maxi I can never let you go
Keep my true feelings concealed, I never let you know
I can never let you blow
I can't let you get money, I ain't tryna let you flow
I can't let you get from me" (uh)

Can't you tell by the look in my eye
I mean business when I say that it's over
(Business when I say that it's over)
We in the kitchen still cookin' them pies
I feed bitches with a plate of that coh-oh, oh
You can say what you mean
It's a shame that my same niggas hate me
(Same niggas hate me)
You niggas is lame, it's a shame, we the game
We them niggas that's coh-oh, oh
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