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​omavi Lyrics

Mavi – ​omavi Lyrics

Way too much to get out on this page
Diamond from dallas I cut her
Breathing espousing my pain
Sweeping my highs undercover
I been sleep and lost count of the days
Leap for me, bound for my brothers
Squeak past the scythe for the day
Receiving the crown from my mother
Beacon out of speakers sound like grief in front of town hall
A proud loud lost ass nigga afraid to sound off
Now you gotta hear about how much the bubble down cost
And you gotta hear about the trouble loving brown has brought
Numbers on mental healthcare
Blunders on my skin it’s scraped and bitten singed by hellflare
Known since elementary they building a hell meant for me
Niggas couldn’t tip me off my balance we got strength
Know these niggas love comparisons but baby I ain’t him
These niggas also loving hesitance I hate the standing still
But i’m still standing still will brandish iron fist
Real manic, still will manage rocking ship
Setting low standards in the throes of banishing my fears
When your ideal like feel like abandoning what’s near
To your chest plate I got rest ranging in my ears
On my best day I got stress anchoring the kid

Gotta let the sun talk see it all clearer
Several times I almost made my dawg a pallbearer
Several times made a dartboard of my face but now the heart sores is sharpening my aim and now all serious
Gotta keep y’all near us
Cause it’s life in my belly, knife in my belly got my all leery
My stripes is a testament y’alls is accessory all showy
Steady making appearances, slave to your peers cause they all knowing
All growing handing off to reaper what we all sowing
Life my greatest teacher and my preacher and my opponent
What you posed to think of yourself
When all the reasons for thinking you worth believing in is all going
But staying close enough just to hurl reminders at you
Had to close the book not to be dishonest with you
Made me open up now i’m under fire listen
Stained my opus underlined in underlying tension
Verse-girl problems I couldn’t make up
My brothers yeah I need them couldn’t let them change up
Damily having dreams that don’t never wake up
I ain’t plan to ever have to see my necklace hanged up
Ayo first girl problems
I was chasing hearses finna burden my mama
Finna leave the serpents to encourage my patnas
Love was at the table had to change up my posture
Death was at my door but it was from my own knocking
Met him at the porch was finna jump w no conscience
Looking in the mirror make the spittle flow nauseous
I was finna end it all the end of rope caught me
This is omavi
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