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​guernica Lyrics

Mavi – ​guernica Lyrics

Niggas by me get extreme for respect
I know what it mean to be the nigga getting left
Already seen how niggas get when it’s the scent or a whiff of a cent
Don’t judge a scintilla
I be with the sinning shit myself
But my center real solid
Something behind this urge for getting rid of dollars
I already heard how niggas feel about my patnas
So it’s awkward in person when ion give their sought acknowledgement
Some shit I saw that I ain’t told a single soul i’m walking with
Leather grain broken same soles that i’m stomping in
Lil bro kangol hang low swanging
Call him king n big his frame up for the confidence
Cold world just embrace us for the marketing
Cold world just embrace us for the marketing
I be careful not to say words I been charring in
I become a real a hole in argument
And that’s the truth on me
Loose toothed youths they couldn’t give a hoot became my troops ain’t no new homies at all
Behind my calmness is this new og I'm on
My mama finna need a uhaul fleet on god
You better chase me down if you owe me
Niggas even gave you two whole weeks

Women tryna get in loopholes like it’s two sodas pour nuvo sweet thinking, the stu so appreciate it i’m cool though
Was one hell of a shoot too
Ima loving ass nigga
Internet persona governing y’all brain like blutooth
Went and picked out a new suit
Ain’t get the job because my language was too crude
Ain’t finna stop until brain outta loose screw
Ain’t finna stop till they make a good couscous
I aim for the top
Vapors said id do it man I can’t fucking not
Surgery tryna jus get my veins out a knot
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