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​chiasma Lyrics

Mavi – ​chiasma Lyrics

I said my name made me say those thangs baby
Live a life of pace lady i’m sure my place hades
Ion need a thang baby just need to think 2x
Micah w me when the fight left me, and the light heavy
So I hit the dark lighters burning out my spark levies breaking from the art baby
And i’m katrina
Ain’t been thinking bout the bar lately
Cause ion need her
I been dreaming bout a car lately
And it’s careening
And i’m just screaming in the dark hazy, the car speeding
In the middle of the street crawling
A lil baby

And I wake up out that dream sprawling
A lil shaky
I been thinking bout how dreams end
And how my means end
And how I need friends
But hate niggas

I been treading in the deep end
And ion need fins
Cause when my feet hit the bottom i’ll be cradled
I’m a lazy motherfucker
Either that or i’m a workhorse
Niggas want my waves but they need way bigger surfboards
Niggas want a tape and they just preying on my hurt for it
Drinking on the third floor to laying on the third floor
And laying in the dirt for this shit I swear i’m willing
Brave enough to search for the shit I know i’m missing
Craving for that hurt probably gon b my ending
Tryna b the bridge between my father and my sister
Tryna be the shit for a while for i’m incinerated

Tryna be the kid for my mama she can feel elated
Owe her cause she liberate me
Know she see me in her face
Know my brothers imitate me
Though we in a different place

Dough i’m out here for this money
Can fail a million ways they still b dumb enough
Or trusting enough to love me
Swear i’m so fucking lucky
Still attribute it to talent cause I love the gluttony
I swear I love the fame
And I love the pride
Just like I love the pain
And I love the ride 2x
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