Time goes slow now we both know what we could not understand
You talk too much, I walk less your logic slips through your hand
Maybe one day you will see all the hope you crushed in me
Aye ya ya ya and now I finally understand
Aye ya ya ya there is a light beyond this there is a light
Beyond this wooden man
The clouds roll in, the rains come down and now he slips off the ring
He stumbles, I walk on the man who would be king
And when he gets up he might find the one he tripped on left him behind
Light in constant state of change how could we ever feel the same?
Not again
Time goes on, you get strong your story never ends
They'll be new kings, they'll buy you more things you'll be the best of
Friends I think I think I see light at the end life will come back
And start up again
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Wooden Man Lyrics

Mary Karlzen – Wooden Man Lyrics