The way I see it
It's one for all and all for none
The way I see it
There's some who care
But most who run
Away from the lights that shine too bright
Scurry off into the cracks of the night
Maybe in another place and time
You could've showed a little more patience
You could've told me what was there on your mind
Instead of up and heading for the station
Now this is my last stop before the road
And I'm sorry that my love was such a heavy load
The way I see it
Father's hand down to their only sons
The way I see it
I'm far too small and much too young
To change your mind of any kind
To make you stop and turn around
And see what you left behind
The way I see it
The dawn will come with a new light
The way I see it
You can't be scared of what you can't fight
This midnight train will take me anywhere
Except away from the memory of one who will never care
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The Way I See It Lyrics

Mary Karlzen – The Way I See It Lyrics