Here we go out by the river's edge
Here we go out where the road does bend
And I think I hear the past howl again
Maybe we out grew the love
It just don't seem to fit no more
Like that shirt you bought me
I never took to wore
Now I'm wondering just who you bought it for
And I always thought I would be
A stronger girl than the one
That lives in me
Now it's me and my discontent
Waiting on the words you say
Always wanting evidence
Of any love that's tossed my way
And I'm wondering what is this need
To be loved anyway
So what's a woman's worth now
Is she measured by the face and hands
Sizing up the body standards in the eyes of man
And what gives you the right to think you can
Let anybody hurt you now
You'll never be afraid to cry
The question still remaining is where
Does our strength lie
Under layers of this world
And wonderin' why
And I always thought I'd be
In a different world this the one I see
And I always thought I would be a stronger girl
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Stronger Lyrics

Mary Karlzen – Stronger Lyrics