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The Ebon River Princess Lyrics

Martyrium – The Ebon River Princess Lyrics

Her Carcass afloat the river's surface
As crimson tides wash her spirit away
Her spectral beauty shown on the cold mirror waters
Tears of despondency cascaded with ire...

Long forgotten she remained after death
Mysterious end of her nihilous life
Her soul drifts away to forests and everlasting caves
And beyond the Portals of Darkness

Vengeance she demanded from the Elder Gods of the Netherworld
Her butchers she must find, make them feel the burning pains of Hades
Violated little creature
Your grief is forever
Locked in a mental barrier in Satan's Keep!

Her wish is secretly granted by the mighty barons of Hell
And she now drifts up to where those mortals dwell
Her face now haunts their endless nights
Dreams metamorphose to nightmares... Hear the tormented cries!

Diabolical Hordes under her mastery
Unleashed the blood-curdling horrors,
Thriving on the blood of the culpable
Yet the blood will flow like the waters of the river...
... The river of immortality...

"Revenge I seek on my morbid slayers,
Demons possess them and answer my prayers
Make them skin their only children
Make them eat their offspring's meat!
And let the beasts enjoy their feast"

Driven to Insanity to commit atrocious acts
They butcher their progeny, sacrifice to the River Beauty
Erotic afterthoughts flash in front of their eyes
As they ravish in an orgy of carnality!

After dining on the infant meat
Canines tear at tender muscle
Jugular wounds bleed to their delight
As they lacerate one another
And chew on adherent viscera
To the princess' charm

Mesmerizing them with rubic eyes
She drains their souls and lives
Fallen slaves to this nocturnal beast
Upon their bodies the crows shall feast!

Throned in blood, malevolent nymph
In the awful den of hellish infamy
She finds her rest in twilight zones
Her spirit finds comfort in macabrity

To the dearly cries of perishing infants
She reaches the zenith of her vengeance,
And while the night is ripping them apart
The River Princess reflects in moonlight glory

As day succumbs to the rape of twilight
Her phantom wanders in the blackness of dusk
Moonlight witnessed her vampyric lust
Her dark symphony echoes
As she unveils her mask...

... The ebon river princess...
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