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Chrysanthemum Lyrics

Martyrium – Chrysanthemum Lyrics

Rejoice, for the newly wed
Thank God and may they be blessed
Till death do you apart
Live a life of serenity.

Wedding bells toll
For in love they did fall
Both could foresee
Love for Eternity.

Children were planned
Prosperity was all they could see
Happiness was imminenet
They would build a family

Until a twist in fate discerns him, desperatley clutching
Her bridal blood-stained gowns...

His love for her was ample to drive him insane,
Death hath stolen his bride away
Her likeness set carved in his brain
Like a sweet memory that will always remain.

He wailed as he saw his life slip away from him
What had he done to earn such an atrocity?
He pitied himself inciting his own torment
And cursed his I'll fortune and all that had to be.

All was lost, reason left his mind
Chrysanthemum - his flower had died.

Nightfall swept over the burial grounds
When he recalled the altercation.
He unearthed the corpse that was to be his wife
Perspiratin shimmered in the pale moonlight.
He heaved the coffin from the sepulchre...

He she'd tears for this necrophilic deed,
Yet, he craved for one brief moment of love.

... He denuded the body from her long white garb
Baring the cadaverous form,
That he was about to embrace.

In the sultry earth, he plunged his manhood into Death
Pain rushed up his spine along with delight...

A scream pierced the stillness of the night
As he ejaculated his seed onto her body.
Behind the scenes, obscured by dark
The Beast grinned with sobriety.

Repent, for this nefarious act,
Thank God! For he is forever damned
Death had torn them apart
For a sombre life of gloom.

Funeral bells tolled,
On the dreadful day
Although ardour still blossomed
In only one's heart.

... And so this dire feat was complete.
Others may fret at such an undertaking,
But never judge for such traits are found in all,
Deep down inside... In the unknown.
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