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Restrained In Demuric Gyves Lyrics

Martyrium – Restrained In Demuric Gyves Lyrics

Worthless soul vexed by malignity
Restrained by demuric gyves
In the bitter coldness of the dark cellar
Heed my attention and accept my offer:

I shall loosen your shackles and let you free
Unless you avenge your opprobrium
And immolate the evil ones... To me

Drenched in maternal blood
Tear of insanity fall into oblivion

Her father; s skull freshly scalped
Putrid stench fills her heart
With agonizing sadness...

Chained to the humid wall
Like an effigy of Christ
She stares into nothingness
Depraved creature exiled, lost

Lament, Threnody
She did not deserve this penalty
Requiem, Elegy
She refused to be a non-entity

Living in her very own filth
Breathing the stench of the moist excrement
Insects crawel o'er her pale white skin
Anorexic to the bone, fragile form
Chained to the wall

Craving for a glimpse of light
From the pinnacle of the steps
Her hopes never totally abolished
Spirits beseeched by her endless lament

Accepting the devil's proposal
She climbs the steps of indecison
Her mind set on morbid visions
Yet clinging to her cherished soul

"Kill them..."

"Denied life by the ones who gave it to me
I shall kill and offer my deeds to thee"

"You are torn in hesitation
But be sure of your acts"

"Revenge will earn my freedom
Yet be cursed in the everlasting blaze"

"Then so be it, yet I grant you the gift;
Of abiding content. "

"Then I choose to have what has been removed from me."
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