I got my fat, sweet mama drop me off by the river
I got a joint, 3 Millers and 12 chicken livers
I got a spot ‘neath the bridge by the expressway
Where the freaks shoot dope and
Peddle their asses their baby…

I got lantern run on ‘a battery power
I got a couple of friends comin' by in a hour
I got a radio play blues, soul and funk
I only get one station
It's the one I want…

I got a couple of rods; they got tape where they broke
I got a bobber, some sinkers and 2 packs of smokes
I got the sun goin' down and the moon comin' out
And it's 83 degrees and I'm pissin' in the river
(Get out!)

I got a buddy who swears he once caught a human head
I got a tackle box, smell like dead worms baby
I got a sharp-ass blade ‘case a motherfucker want to make trouble
With a catfisherman on a pile of rubble
(I doubt it!)
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The Catfisherman Lyrics

Marah – The Catfisherman Lyrics

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