I got my good foot showin' & I'm glowin'
Like somebody goin' nowhere at a pace
I got a good hand I'm yearning to be turning
But I'm learning not to show it on my face

Outside my shutters, money flutters
To the gutters, we got ecstacy for lovers
And the mercy of our mothers
So come on, let's get high
People of the underground

A little later we could ride the elevator
Tip the waiter for a table in space
It's never early for a fashionable girlie
To make tardiness a matter of taste

We're in a taxi as the happiness
Attacks me, and we're laughin' in the
Backseat 'cause it's 10 o'clock exactly
So come on, let's get high
People of the underground

Your kiss is swallowin' the devil's tongue
Your dance is spinnin' in the midnight sun
There's no tomorrow when your out havin' fun....
People of the underground
(I've got your number)

Down valet valley all the brothers in the alley
Recognize me but they don't know my name
I pay no covers cause I roll with modern lovers
And I always try to hover near fame

I am the star-crossed keeper of the tarot
With a fortune like a pharaoh
Steppin' out of a camaro
Come on, let's get high

I move my feet and I'm always changin' streets
As I listen to the beats on my rounds
I offer all my petty problems to the night,
'Cause she can

Solve 'em like she talks the sun down
And under all this concrete madness,
Crime and horoscopes and sadness
Try to take away my gladness

Come on, let's get high
People of the underground...
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People Of The Underground Lyrics

Marah – People Of The Underground Lyrics

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