There's a place where you can go
When you're lower than low
If you want it I can show you
(How to get there)

It's an elevator ride
from your head right down your spine
In the basement you will find
(You're cabbies waiting)

It's a phone booth in the rain
It's a quiet country lane
It's a holiday in Spain
(So come on we're goin')

It's a twenty minute walk
Or a minute in the car
It's a lover in the dark

Soul people shakin' to music that is wakin'
Their hearts up while they're makin'
Their minds up 2 stop fakin'...

With your headphones on the bus
It's the passion and the lust
So electrify your trust
(Shock me baby)

It's the subway to your soul
Just turn on your stereo
There's a place that we can go
(So come on we're goin')

You're so not alone as your walkin down the street
Your soul is your lover
There ain't no other
Walk on my brother
‘Till we move in perfect soul
There's a part of you called Soul
There's place that we call Soul

There's a party ragin' on
Where you're popular ‘till dawn
There's a lampshade on your head
(but everybody wants you)

So turn off all your lights
It's your favorite song tonight
If you need to spend a while
In the part of you…
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Soul Lyrics

Marah – Soul Lyrics

Songwriters: TEDDY VANN
Soul lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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