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Out The Hood Lyrics

Magnetic – Out The Hood Lyrics

Verse 1
Get rich die trying 50 said it the best,
So I'm going to live by that modal til the day of my death
Them 18 letters scar it across my chest,
With the 50 Caliber fam below my chest
I mean business taking all this shit to the grave,
Don't get caught up in the matrix stuck in the maze
It be a bad look for you good look for me,
I'm hungry now y'all no I got to eat
What-what-what y'all never seen a beast like me,
Kill-kill-kill is the anthem I hear in my sleep
More or less Freddy got a holed of me, om some big
Homie shit "you get it dog",
We both doing the same thing hitting the hood getting rich
1 in the flesh the other playing the mental,
1 got a claw me fam I'm gripping the Pistol
I want out of the hood bout to turn this world red let's get


Verse 2
Whatever it take fam I'm down for it,
Been thug in the slums to long I ain't with it
I want out that why I took the path of this rap shit,
Hands on everything till I'm pretty & setting rich
Still thing in the hood never lonely,
In the booth on the block snow on me
Where ever I go I'm moving them units,
Grinding thugging it keeps me breathing
In got we trust the only thing that get me out,
Put food on the table in that pretty ass house
Living the life a born hustler,
1 man army fam I don't trust y'all
I want out of the hood on some real real shit,
Fuck with that bread boy I'm gonna kill up shit
I paid my dudes now it's my time to shine,
Dog now I'm out to get mines, let's get it
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