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Your Life On The Line Lyrics

Magnetic – Your Life On The Line Lyrics

Verse 1
I'm that new black anthem Tri Clark rider,
Gun tuck low bar spitter like Mariah
Putting in work got the globe wrap in my hands
Spinning hard body like the waves in your head
You brushing me in while I'm still digging your dome,
Once I'm down to the root you in the dark all alone
In a platinum gasket covered up with a skirt,
Do do brown homie I no it hart
You just got burnt stomped down better yet murdered,
Summit your soul bow down pray to your servant
The king of new York more or less king of the game,
Showing no fear mercy for these birds in this game
I'm taking it over fuck it fam I'm doing a Hova,
Tri Clark R.U.N. till the day it's over
Say no more last bar kick in the door,
A.T.F. lay on the floor waving the 4

Hook: your life in on the line when it come down to me
Set back watch and see, your life is on the line
It ain't hard to see set back watch and see

Verse 2
All your dudes sound real good spitting them bars,
Formats laid out while I'm blowing up cars
Switching them up like you switch you clip in your tex,
Stop switching your flag bitch claiming bloods or crips
You neither or you straight dog food for me,
I life these streets day and night freaking with freaks
Live by the cord outlaw in dirty east,
South bot north cali repping with me
You no what that is east side collabo dun,
For true thugs this ain't no fresh air fun
Where the murder stacks are high mic's get smash,
Caress get damage like pookie taking a blash
Your life is on the line so I got it on camera,
Framed up in the booth pined up by a hammer
Call in the troops homie it's gonna be hard,
Cause wrestling me is just like wrestling god
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