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How I Ride Lyrics

Magnetic – How I Ride Lyrics

Verse 1:
Black down hoodie on green tims o the feet,
Green slaps on the strip black nina to eat/
Black crib smashing them out green lex kited,
Black and green trimmings in the rims with a green and black fitted/
With a black army coat with some green stitches in it,
Tattoo on the arm black with some green in it/
Flouting on cloud 9 that black and green,
2 shouts from the henny got me up in a lean/
That gangsta walk Mrs. doritta holding me down,
Feeling real untouchable stomping the ground/
Who want to come test how i ride,
Who want to come test my pin you die/
I'm the best that ever did it flipping style in this game,
Got the crown on the shelf snatching fame from lames/
Bars for days ready for war in any way,
Hope you ready cause i'm going make it rain today/

Hook: how i ride.. black down hoodie ya with Nina the creep,
How i ride.. green tims on the feet never sleep
Always stomping the streets/

Verse 2:
I'm that new black anthem heavy bar spite,
With a real team behind me nothing but killers/
Putting in work studying all the guide lines,
We run the globe longtime made the head lines/
In bold letters printed we the best in town,
In fine print saying we go pound for pound/
Them heavy hitter nah nah we not them quitters,
We them worst night mares them real gorillas/
Stay sucker free waiting for you to test me,
I use you for paper to write history/
Chance the laws flip up the style in this game,
Scar your body every scratch you feel the pain/
Inch bye inch feeling every pinch of the shit,
Penetrating nice and slow while i'm out getting rich/
Crushing the game spitting out bars of flames,
Love by some hated by most in this game/

Hook: how i ride.. black down hoodie ya with Nina in the creep/
How i ride.. green tims on the feet never sleep always
Stomping the streets/

Verse 3:
Low with the fitted hat over the eyes,
Mrs. dorita tuck on the waist ready to ride/
Ready for war, starving to eat some food,
Like 2 pits running wild chasing a dude/
Breaking them laws anything to get that bread,
(click click) anny up homie or you dead/
You can run but you can't hide you see i'm here,
How i ride boy boy i'm every where/
Doing big things putting numbers up on the boards,
Got the game lock plus getting every award/
From plats to diamonds no i'm getting the load,
Projects to the streets the heart turn cold/
P. nones to them county bids way up north,
5 x felony still breaking the laws/
Packing them sandwich bags still packing them bisects,
How i ride an outlaw taking them risks/
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