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Talk Too Much Lyrics

Macgregor – Talk Too Much Lyrics

Ya got a s*** ass mouth but you dont' know when to shut up
Girl I love your voice but ya need to learn to hush
And I know your personlity don't suck
But baby I'm about to hang the phone up...

Ya talk to much (4x's)

Stop talkin at me and let me talk to you a minute
We got a good thing going but you ruinin' it
I've had this all bottled up in my mind like fine wine from a windery it's finally time to let it out,
Relationships are all about honesty and honestly I think you've got alot of good qualities
Like musical taste and a beautiful face but right now's not the time or a suitable place to tell me about the style
And color of the socks that your boss's wife wore at the last company picnic while you ate potato salad
Which by the way was the best potato salad that you had in a really long time
That's all fine and great but I asked if you had a good day a sentence or two is all you really should say I would pay money just to get you to hush
The bottom line is... Ya talk to much

Wake me up and see why
This may be the last goodbye for you and I
Take me off your speed dial
This may be the last
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