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P&T Lyrics

Macgregor – P&T Lyrics

Take a sip, it's like heroin adrenaline hight, i'm a ni-agara falls barrelin vision is clouded
the kitchen is crowded it's all the same, but you're the thing that's diffeent about it I gotta devil on my
shoulder and he's fucked up stublin shotgunning beer, all up in my ear mumblin tellin me
that I should talk to you and maybe like last time I could walk you to a far awya place,
So I can save face with your picture frame pussy save space in my trophy case no time to think through oh how I want
to drink you

i'm not gonna say that i'm in love with you i'm not gonna put all of my
trust in you i'm just gonna treat you like a prostitute you bad bad pussy and tonic
i wish that i could build a house for you cuz i would be there every day or two i'll probably disrespect my wife for you , you bad bad pussy and tonic

I dive in to the bottomless pit, condomless new world colonist, penthouse columnist I forgot it gets so grimy
but it's always somethin' there to remind me
like when you whisper something nasty in my ear and I can't even understand you cuz i had a couple
more than i'd originally planned to girl me and you such a well rounded match
i've found a batch i'm puttin it down the hatch it's like sweat drips off ya wet lips and gets mixed with spit sex gets deep like wrecked ships
No time to think through oh how i want to crush you
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