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Scatterbrain Lyrics

Macgregor – Scatterbrain Lyrics

I can't help it the funks in my DNA straight shots getting drunk off E and J steadily rollin the skunk in the cheeevrolay either way it could be
the blunt or could be the jay my crew is always on the hunt for the T and A
your crew is nothing but some punks always being gay this beat's so damn crunk
that your speaker may jump up and down in your trunk like a frijole my thoughts connect like a
modem MC's is all on my nuts like my scrotum bitin my lyrics and trying to claim that they wrote 'em
right after they water 'em down and sugar coat 'em
they might as well quote 'em give a reference and footnote 'em
with a website so mother fuckers can download 'em make flyers for my shows and pomote 'em for free write books and devote 'em to me
Cuz I'm the scatterbrain you ain't got nothin' on me!
I practice learning raps and surely sacks are burning wax is learning taxidermy tacking thirty rookies
by the mantle talk shit about me throw fits oh it's ok
I'm givin' out free cookies by teh handful my text is vivid like a silent actor i'll make you fucking neck snap
like a chiropractor I'll throw your trash demo into my compactor I got so much
grass I had to buy a tractor and mow it cuz i grow it so efficiently that every single person
that i know of's got a kola for a christmas tree industry lacks original acts these pitiful cats is whack they get
minimal claps from wax i got the type of verbal eloquence that's like a herd of elephants trampling your intelligence plus i spice it up like zattarains
these thoughts are the results of the scatterbrain you think you hot but my heat's greater I make you feel like you're standing on the equator
unique flavor sharp on the track like a speed skater with zero tolerance for weak haters
I bum rappers in my cremator on the surface of your brain i leave a deep crater you only heart me rhyme one fucking time and i'm still stuck in your mind
like a week later cuz i'm the scatterbrain
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