[Verse 1]
I start it off with the kick of the drum
When my click steps in there's no place to run
I live that high life and strike anyone
Touch every girl like the light from the sun
And it's preposterous the way these bitches gobble this
I got too many chicks, I hate to make it obvious
Cause I'm the type that likes to be anonymous
On the down low stay mysterious like Lochness
I got this shit locked down to a science
If rap was a treasure I'm that money hungry pirate
You're so weak, you're like a gang with no violence
On the wrong street, I think you need some guidance
Keep your mouth closed, leave those ears open
We in this biz leavin' hopes and dreams broken
I'm quite certain with you it's not workin'
Take away your life and watch you go soul searchin'

[Verse 2]
When I stomp on the track it's merciless illest verbalists
I use every word that exist, leave you rappers wordless
Impervious not even rocket fuel can burn this
Never felt nervous like a rock no one can hurt this
I'm serious I flip this to make your eye twitch
Walked up to an aids patient told 'em I'm sick
Psychotic psychics with the illest mind tricks
I got sidekicks that sidekick you in your eyelids
People rap but they really not invited
Vyzual is invincible, it's impossible to fight 'I'm
Lyrics I write 'em, the beats I live inside 'em
You think this shit is hot, I have not even ignited
We that next phenomenon, bombin' on your local autobahn
Comin' like we put our condoms on
Just accept it, Literates is reckless
Even all the senseless be like they on some next shit
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Start Of The Beginning Lyrics

Literates – Start Of The Beginning Lyrics