So step up if you wanna get hurt
What a way to go out, out like a sucka
So step up if you wanna get hurt
So watch what the fuck you say and what you do

Now you must die

Yo feel the adrenalin flow like it was medicine
There's no stoppin' us now, you got to let us in
Fuck these cats tryin' mock the name
And jock the fame you know we are not the same
We flip words with intense scriptures
And kill this motherfucker even if we rip first
That's just the way we get down, the way we rock
It's that hardcore hip hop taking you to the top

Now you must die

[Verse 2:]
We run the stage and we rage against authority
These other fools try but that shit is all a bore to me
Sick and twisted drunk and vicious
Bitches call the cops cause I look suspicious
The mission's basic breaking through the pavement
Steppin' up to me you get an inverted facelift
I'll make you hate it like suicidal images
The last thing that remains on your brain is The Literates

Now you must die
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Die Lyrics

Literates – Die Lyrics