It don't stop 'til the sun comes out
And when the sun comes out we gettin' drunk no doubt
Put ya spliffs up we sip cups of sick stuff
The alcohol mixed with s***s got me ripped up
I can't take it I'm feelin' a lil wheezy
Vomit on your chick cause that bitch tried to tease me
It's not easy being a Literate consider it
Invigorating like we high smokin' funny cigarettes
Now who the fuck said this shit wasn't knockin'
Knock you off your block I bet that'll stop the talkin'
We on tilt love to party cause we can
I got zero dui's middle finger to the man

Hey there's no more fucking beer
Where the fuck's the beer?
Hey bro so you still talkin' to that girl Christina?
Naw man I ain't talking to her no more
Oh cool can I get her number?

[Verse 2:]
It all started with about five shots
Now I can't think straight and can't find my fuckin' eye drops
I'd like to dip but I'd prob'ly meet a nice cop
This girl is pissin' me off, she look like Cyclops
I'd like to hit it but it may call for some Cisco
Ugly chicks and Vyz don't mix like water and Crisco
I guess I'll chill sit back and take some bong rips
Maybe some acid tabs and we could take a long trip
By the way where's that fucker with that beer bong
I need some drink right quick I won't be here long
Just another night, Jägerbombs water pipes
Parents gettin' mad I'm the one that their daughter likes

Yo Jay
Yo what up
Come on dog me and you man
Naw man
Let's take this shot right here
I don't feel good man
Yeah yeah yeah yeah naw naw naw come on mother fucker
Just me and you gonna do this shit right now come on
Alright fuck it

[Verse 3:]
It's gettin' late but I'm not about to leave
I need to find a way to get these groupies on my sleeves
I'm kinda drunk yeah right I'm fuckin' lying
I'm spinnin' so bad I think I'm on my way to dying
I need to calm down sit back and chill
It makes it kinda hard with these pocket full a pills
I'm on a roll might as well go all the way
Welcome to my world every day's a holiday
I need a drug that'll stimulate my visions
One to make her look good and make the wrong decisions
I'm at the point of no return feelin' nice
Put ya cups in the air we can do this every night

Yo man you good?
I feel like shit right now man
Aah fuck
I gotta throw up
Naw naw wait chill dog wait
I gotta throw up

Nothing but non stop anal banging
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One Too Many Lyrics

Literates – One Too Many Lyrics