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Die Lyrics

Lil Dude – Die Lyrics

When shots go off, nigga, you won't believe that man
It's recording, right?
Let's get it, Trapnanana
Trapnanana 2
Free the man

Flat, flat, flat, flat, boy, you know it's on sight
Keep that stick on me every day, keep that stick on me every night
Catch him good, man, over that jail and them niggas pushin' at night
These niggas, they be on deck, these niggas ain't livin' right
Uh, shooters, they come out the cut
Nigga, we fly in the sky like a kite
Uh, slide with a rifle
We gon' put some of these niggas on ice (Draco)
Uh, your bitch on dick tonight
I'ma go through it, go give her the pipe (I got to)
I'm still in the hood like shrimp fried rice
Nigga want beef, he gon' die tonight (Got to)
Uh, who wanna race? Who wanna gamble?
I'm huntin' these niggas, I'm dressing in camo
I'm huntin' these niggas, I'm feeling like Rambo
I ride with that rifle like my name Django
Big dawg status, you know I got say-so
Slide with the AR, slide with the Draco
Trick bad, nigga, I give him a halo
These niggas they done for life just like Fabo
Gucci, nigga, with the Valentino (Guwop)
She fuckin' with a real nigga, left at zero (Bitch)
Hop out the cut like the neighborhood hero
Faceshot, nigga, nobody can't see, though
I'm a real slime like Sito
Hold on that Glock when I look out the peephole
In a free car like Stitch and Lilo
Double Back Gang ain't fuckin' on cheap hoes
Watch your head, I might shoot up your hat
I ain't squashin' no beef, nigga, I ain't into that
I'm an active nigga, I'ma die like that
Lost Baby Ahk, I had to cry about that
Lost Baby D, it's eye to eye 'bout that
Can't ride in the front, then get in the back
I run up the bands, had to get in the trap
If she ain't no slime, she don't get on her back
These niggas be lyin', ain't drinkin' no Act'
If it's smoke, then I'm gettin' on top of that
Pull on your block like a motherfuckin' marching band
Bad bitch callin' me Dada
Mini Draco and it sit in the backpack
I'm an original nigga and you just a small cat
Fuck the small talk, nigga, we need that
I hang on the block where they throwin' them threes at
Shots went off, nigga, you won't believe that
Put my dick where that lil' bitch teeth at
Step-back jumpshot, nigga, where the three at
Fifty in the Glock, then I lift it where the gleef at
Gucci beanie, nigga, this not a cheap hat
(Let me hear that)
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