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Return Of The Mac Lyrics

Lil B – Return Of The Mac Lyrics

[Intro: Lil B]
It's the return of the Mac. Like I said we always come back and back and back. 34 times, 52 times. More than 100 times around this world that we call the motherfuckin' Earth. I'ma tell you something about the Mac

[Verse 1: Lil B]
I gotta up the stakes, bitch that's the only way
I can't forget I came far in this lonely game
So much money, a whole lot of fame
Niggas outside tryna make a dollar off their name
I'm coming from a weird place, how can I explain?
The only options I had was the options
[?] the game, think about it on a deeper frame
Every picture that I paint, I'm married to the game
I owe my spirit, I love myself again
Nigga seen so much I can't focus on the pain
But then again I can't forget the shady things
All the bad dreams jumping off [?] waking up
Seen through fog and the bad stuff
I get emotional when I rap
It's real facts
2018, the return of the Mac

[Chorus: Lil B]
It's the return of the Mac
It's the return of the Mac

[Verse 2: Deezy Dolla]
Ayy lil mama, it's dollar dollar like dalai lama
It's return of the Mac, return of the drama
I ain't really mean to hurt her but I had to do it
She was all in my face so I kept it moving
Big dro when I roll, serve like the store
Got hoes, no jersey but I'm in this game
Passport stamped up, they gotta know my name
I grew up around that heat but it's a cold game
Ooh-we, she choose me
I do me, running like a hoop team
Like Bruce Lee I kick it just for a little bit
I gotta get my chips, watch me dip
Treat life like what they hit for (Roll the dice)
Got kids, they're like 24
Different strokes for different folks
I be thinking money like that's all I know

[Chorus: Lil B]
It's the return of the Mac
It's the return of the Mac

[Verse 3: Lil B]
Mac the most like Mac [?]
Mac Dre, I'm trying to play baseball
Out in Berkeley we getting money on our days off
Never looking at the ground, I'm getting paid dog
Super fly, Cali drop top
All green, can you handle that?
Old school Mustang with the hatch back
We the poor kids on the side of the train tracks
Walking down the street
I'm so cold Austin Powers with the frostbite
Ooh girl, look at you
I know she finna choose
Coming out the... I'm finna move yeah
She know what I'm finna do
She looking at me, I'm worried about two
She looking at me, I'm thinking about two

[Chorus: Lil B]
It's the return of the Mac
It's the return of the Mac

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