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Money In My Spirit Ouu Lyrics

Lil B – Money In My Spirit Ouu Lyrics

Ayy you already know who it is man. It's your boy Lil B. I got options

[Verse 1]
Staring at these suckers right up in their face
Last time I got jumped I almost caught a case
My spirit travel with the sun, I almost brought 'em rain
Life get hard but I don't complain
Always keep it real my mind state that got me out the game
Ten summers later nigga and I'm dropping again
Drugs off white and I'm big timing
People said they're under pressure but I know they're lying
Ten thousand sent it to a location
Meet me at a destination
This is real business, I ain't playing
Stuck with my goals it ain't easy being solo bitch
Put 'em in their place like parts of a Volvo
Sit back, inhale the dro though
Life season next episode I'm in the ghetto
Mind state on a next level
Got two more elevators
Nigga I'm tryna see whoever nigga
Yeah based connection
Thank you BasedGod for this blessing
Niggas playing games, I gotta check 'em
I'm like a doctor, I gotta check 'em

[Verse 2]
There's money in my spirit ouu
I got pain in my lyrics ouu
I always prosper and I inspire
Shout out Curtis King and England empire
San Bernardino, Fresno, and Santa Rosa
Sacramento, shout out to Florida
Texas I love you, yeah I said Texas
I’m like Mattress Mack coming down in Lexus
My last name Mac, it's the return of the Mac
Made it 3 times nigga I got the nerve of that
Frankie with the grippers, see my niggas
I really love Philly, shout out to Philly nigga
I love New York too
Tacoma, Washington what it do
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Shout out to Reno and Tahoe
Free my Stockton nigga and Modesto
Vallejo to San Diego
Shout out to Dallas, Texas and Houston
Did I say Texas? (What's up)
We all got options, I'm just tryna choose 'em
My name Lil B, I'm just tryna keep the music
(Pray for me)

[Verse 3]
I'm happy I got accepted
I'm married to the game, my bride's on record
Never ride the wave, rather ride the bus
Whoever keep on your pace you trust
Your joy in my eyes when you started coming up
When you did your thang I felt like it was us
A wild child, down as fuck
Everybody fall, they start pulling me up

Lil Boss I'm.. ouu
Yeah nigga I'm.. not ouu
Riding around drop... ouu
We just... ouu

Yeah, like I said man. It's your boy Lil Boss

I got money in my spirit ouu
Pain in my lyrics ouu

It's your boy Lil B man, I got options. Life on the line
2018 let's get it. We really in the future, you dig?

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