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Across The Sea Lyrics

Lil B – Across The Sea Lyrics

Something so delicate, it resembles a diamond
So beautiful

[Verse 1]
I came across the long sea by myself
This is all me, Lil B
I got to swim, I can't sink
I got to think about myself
Why would I blink?
I'm on this ship, trying to get out
I got to make a way out
I got to find Berkeley or Oakland, Richmond
Get my shit back I'm focused
Gotta stay on, I got to stay on
Got to let me wings spread like a locust
I'm Lil B, related to the locus
Hocus Pocus, we coming
Playing this magic on these n**gas
Like DeWight, I'm Magic on these n**gas

Get me across the sea
Get me across the sea
I can't see my n**ga
I can't see, I'm on sea
Get me out to sea
I'm at sea, I can't see

[Verse 2]
I'm on a deck-hand crew
Trying to feed the whole city
Where's my lookout
Is there any snitchas
We knocking n**gas out
Knocking them off the boat
Falling off ship, don't get the rope
We got the vest on if we fall off
We only get back on
We stay strong
We got gold at the bottom of the ship
It's bottomless pits
These sharks are waiting but we waiting too
We got the shit waiting and shaking
We got nets for the fish
We catch and hitch
We eat and we marry
This darkness, It's scary
It's Lil B

I'm at sea, I'm at sea
It's Lil B
I'm at sea, I'm at sea
It's Lil B
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