Give the boy a uniform, a unicorn, a horn, a sawn off shotgun and a
Cause... An order. Cross a border. Tell him "Heads must roll!" Can fetch
Them back on poles. No rules except "Amuse yourself, abuse at leisure.
Steal the treasure. Screw and sweat. She'll swear in another alphabet. It's
Meaningless... No soul. "
You'll reap and you shall sow. You'll rape, you'll know that God's will is
Mysterious. Delerious. The fire burns inside. Outside the napalm forms a
Molten tower. Fit for Kings! For you! You're everything. You're golden.
Take your role in history. Maybe you're just a number but we know your
Name and we'll remember. Yes, we'll remember 'til the end of time (so back
In line you asshole!)
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Jewel In The Crown Lyrics

Legendary Pink Dots – Jewel In The Crown Lyrics