The kitchen smells of parafin, the stairways turning black and teddy's
Looking tired cause he's lying on his back. Crackling curtains dance in
Ribbons, flames are waltzing down the hall - a beetle turns a summersault in
A matchbox by the wall. He's getting restless with his lettuce. Frying
Tonight in the Dolls House! Mummy's smiling with a match, blows softly
Through the doorway and draws patterns in the ash. Crackle Crackle Flash

Golly's leaning out of the window. He gives a little wave and as only gollys
Can but he can't come out to play. Sparks creep up his trouser leg but he
Doesnt't care cause he's busy watching mummy comb her curly hair. Very pretty
On the setee... Playing tonight in the dolls house. Mummys smiling with a
Match, blows softly thru the doorway and draws patterns in the ash. Fizzle
Fizzle Zap Zap!

Up on the second floor little Wendy takes a bath; her skin is melting slowly
But she manages to laugh. She knows a dozen words or more; she's always so
Polite - pull her string out slowly and she'll sing all thru the night, sing
Forever - really clever!

Frying tonight in the dolls house but mommys getting bored; she tore up all
Her comics cause she's not a kiddie anymore. Nor is Daddy.
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Dolls' House Lyrics

Legendary Pink Dots – Dolls' House Lyrics