Chasing the carrion, we watched the silver bird explode. We tiptoed
Through the barrier of smoke and took a hand, but found it unconnected. We
Were dining on the wreckage - white napkins round our necks, we took our
Plastic spoons and ate. We ate until we couldn't move, 'til sunset turned
The desert red and startled souls ascended to Oblivion.
A fat man with a guilty face held back and tried to hide his case as
Angels chanted, "You can't take it with you..." So we're told, Heaven's
Paved with gold-but it has to come from somewhere?!
Paradise. It has it's price. We're forced to crawl through needle's
Eyes. Our price. Our choice. We rarely make the right one.
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Pennies For Heaven Lyrics

Legendary Pink Dots – Pennies For Heaven Lyrics