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Prisoner Of Mind Lyrics

Left Behind – Prisoner Of Mind Lyrics

Driving through hills lit by moonlight
I don’t have anything to numb my mind tonight
Every day I wake up in this personal Hell
Knowing damn well I built it for myself

Putting myself through this everyday for something I can’t grasp
Tell me what’s the point it it’s not gonna last?
These burning thoughts will never pass

Driving through hills with no headlights on
Scared to be home so I just stay gone
I had a goal years ago but can’t remember what that was
This is my personal Hell
No matter what anyone does

A slice of hell for me to live in
If everything gets better then tell me when
I can’t even think of anywhere to go
It’s become so hard to keep throwing this stone

You wanted this, it’s all you’ve ever know
This mental prison is yours and you built it on your own

I’ve trapped myself in this mental prison
I can’t get out the fucking key is missing

You said you wanted this and threw away every chance
Does anyone even notice when you’re gone?
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