Come stay, my little sis
In Florence Italy
Just thought I'd write this song to say
You're much too far away

They say each face of every heart
Displays a million miles
But without you here, we're missing more
Than the comfort of that smile

So we think of you, yeah we think of you

Cause there's one less car found in the middle
Of this parking lot
So hurry home, I'll save a spot
And post a sign that says:
"You take a my space, I break you face"

Your better half, well he's doing fine
Or so it seems in broad daylight
But I wouldntt be surprised if he
Ate pasta every night

Just to think of you, just to think of you

It's quiet now as I crash and burn
Boring all my crowds to tears
And I'm telling jokes but the crickets chirp
Help me out I'm dyin' here
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Rigatoni Girl Lyrics

Koo Chung – Rigatoni Girl Lyrics