You were there, pulling thorns from your fingers
From all the foolish flowers placed in tender hands
And so I'm here, making sure there is not one left
On this hopeless little rose, I've been saving for you

Maybe it's love, or maybe it's two years down the drain
But where there is no pain, I guess there is no gain
Maybe it's tough, but you're more than worth the wait
And so I'm here to stay, yeah I'm here to stay

You inspire, and you keep me on my toes
And the weight of your words like an anchor to my soul
And if I could, I would summon all I have in me
To see that smile once again, and have you feel the way I do

And now the questions are hanging over like a cloud
Have I done harm all the more to your broken heart
Time move fast, cuz letting go has never been so hard
When there's a whole sea to swim, and I'd find only one of you

Maybe it's love, maybe I am the one to blame
For entertaining pain all over again
Maybe it's tough, but you were more than worth the wait
Am I still here to stay, am I still here to stay

Cuz you're gone today, you're gone...

Am I still here to stay
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Here To Stay Lyrics

Koo Chung – Here To Stay Lyrics