They say it's all downhill from here
Don't think it's time to hear that yet
Cause I for one enjoy the climb
So please do not deny me that

These days I'm aging so fast
But hardly growing up at all
So as the last leaf of autumn falls
I'll try to catch it and turn it over

And I will climb a little higher today
Life's already tough so I might as well anyway
And I will climb a little higher today
Though my feet are tired and I can't see hope's face
Let's face the facts, in this world I'll never fly
And if climbing is the closest I will get
Help me climb higher today

I feel like I'm in the middle of two worlds
And both of them they call me a fool
One for believing in You
And Yours because I don't believe

Scrutiny has become my enemy
Picky-picky is all I seem to be
And if I look to close there's scratchy gray
But there's a mountain top when seen from far away*

Might have to bring a change of clothes
Cause on the way I know I'll sweat
But once I reach my Father's house
I'll dress to celebrate all life long
All life long!
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Climb Lyrics

Koo Chung – Climb Lyrics