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Ion Need No Friends Lyrics

KirbLaGoop – Ion Need No Friends Lyrics

Off top I prolly fucked yo bitch, I'm sorry, no I’m not
I got hella ice on my wrist, I'ma shine
I was in the kitchen flipping bricks, working over the stove
Need a mask and a full clip, that's riding
Popping 2 [?]
Say he got them shooters, boy, but I don’t see nothing
Say they blood till they see that blue coming through
Say they dripping with that blood, soowoo who?
Boohoo, that's all you
All y'all pussies, straight [?]
Who knew? Who knew?
Goop got ice like the igloo
Pick and choose, pick and choose
These hoes 2 for 2 so best not lose
Better make yo move, get it in the group
Don't trust a hoe, 'cause they'll steal your loot
Don't trust nobody, they'll steal your [?]
Try and fuck yo bitch when you turn your back
You think that’s yo dawg, but will he die for you?
Will he go to court? Will he not lie on you?
I don’t need no friends, I'm better off one deep
I don’t need nobody, these bands all on me
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