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6 Xan’z Lyrics

KirbLaGoop – 6 Xan’z Lyrics

Drop 6 xans in a mothafucking 2 liter
You'll never understand why I love this life either
Thugged up, plugged up, and since a jit
You a flaky ass faggot, telling lies in yo shit
That's why I don't fuck with these rappers, I stick to myself
Went and got it out the mud, get it all by myself
Never need no help, I be outchea one deep
Maybe moving two deep, me and Twat with the heat
Pulled up on Mitch, we just downed 10 hoes
Bitches just gotta hit the road, pimp game hand cold
Bitches know how I roll, yeah they know how I rock
I love all bitches just like 2Pac
I pull up and suit up and people get to missing
Glock 40, three extensions, have himself pissin'
What you thought it was, whoadie? What you thought it was, just rap?
Till we pulled up to the scene and shut down yo trap
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