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Kemba Walker Lyrics

KirbLaGoop – Kemba Walker Lyrics

Real pimp shit, real trap shit, real skreet shit, Kirb been doing all that right there, partner
L-O-D right now, all on me, know I'm saying? All in the booth, off the boof
L-O-D all on me, who the fuck you be?
West side Florida, know I'm saying? Soda County on the deck, still have that 'Cross Da Track, trapped in the fucking hunnid
Triple double with the product, huh, huh
Chopping dope with my partner, huh, huh
Skee skee skee skee

[Verse 1]
Fifteen grams, booming packs, Kemba Walker (Boom boom)
Triple double with the product, chopping dope with my partner (My cuz)
Tote it like it's legal, extension clip on the Eagle (Too too)
Don't you beef with none my people, I'll light up your Regal (Too too)
Fuck yo block, fuck yo spot, fuck yo clique, fuck yo set (Fuck!)
Lil rocks, run from cops, fuck yo bop in the neck (Boom boom)
Skeet in her throat (Her throat), nut in the butt (Nutty butty)
Taught a bitch how to cook, take the soda then cut (Whip whip)
You should be thankful I made yo bitch A1 (Thank Kirby)
Now she work the work, rob yo ass and run (Twerk twerk)
That's how it go, and Goop be fucking yo hoe (Goop!)
Moving packs right out the door, thanks to you I got mo' (I do)
Who need what? (Who need it?) Who can supply? (I can!)
Got them 2 for 5's, give you DUI (Ooh)
Stay kushed up (Kush!), blunts full of bud (Bud!)
L-O-D on me, no mark, no [?] (No)
Whoadie love the stick, I love me some hoes (Stick stick!)
Bend it over, touch yo toes, drop that ass to the floor (I love you baby)
[?] skee skee skee skee skee (Skee skee)
You take her off a pill, got yo hoe in my sheets (Skee skee)
I got bitches, boy, how 'bout you? (I got bitches)
I keep more than a few, sell you one for the two (I can)
All star shawty, Ion't need no practice (All star!)
I'm not yo average, sipping 6 of that Actavis (Goop!)
Ball like the Mavericks, boy, I'm Dirk Nowitzki (Too too)
Shoot outta east, I drop my [?] (Too too)
On my shooting shit, call me Kyle Korver (Okay!)
Lock up yo block (SKEE!), Law And Order (I can do it)
A1 booming, 15 gram jugg (Jugg!)
You can try and rob me, won't be no good (No good!)
I trick bitches, I love the hoes (I love the hoes)
Kemba Walker with the product, tripled up with the pole (Oh wooh)

Goop, Goop
I need help, I need help
I'm trapped in the hunnid
Uh, I love these bitches too
Been on my shit
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