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I Might Lyrics

King Louie – I Might Lyrics

Ay Clue,They ain't got no clue kid
Mubu gang, we might just do anything man, Anything!

I might fuck the game, i might hit the top
I might hit a stain ,i might Bend some blocks
I might switch a lane
I might drop the top
Cuz', I might get some brain, I might get some Top
I rock Robin Jeans, i might Rock Some tru's
I might sip some Lean, i Might Pour a Deuce
I might hit the club, I might buy the bar
I might switch it up I might buy a car(Drill!)

[Verse 1: King louie]
I might Rock the Rollie, I might rock the Breitlin'
I might Buy a foreign and don't even Drive it
I Might Get the Pussy and don't get Excited
Told her let her Buddy Lick up And you just might like it
I see money coming, I might be a physic
I might get some bands, i Might blow Some bands
Kemo be bopin', I might money dance
Since They all together i might fuck some friends
I might drive the rari, i might drive the mazzi
I might catch a body, might shoot up the party
They might call me Tony, might call me LouGotti
This turn up the Party, this Drilluminati!
I might be off flats, she might be off molly
She might give me head, call her "bevo ladi"
I might fuck his bitch, i might say im sorry
Got so manny hoes i might be Mike Lowry

I might fuck the game , I might hit the top
I might hit the stain, I might Bend some blocks
I might hit the club, I might buy the bar
I might switch it up, I might buy a car

[Verse 2:King Louie]
I might have that paper, i might have that plastic
I might have that metal, i might have that black shit
I might rock Versace, i might rock Givenchy
Yo bitch just Might fuck, Might not get a penny
I might Fuck Your mammy', i might get a Grammy
Might be in New York, might be in Miami
Phantom be two toned, that bitch think its Sammy
Mubu be the mob where is Meyer Lansky
I might go to paris, i might fly pajama'
Every days my birthday, i might need some candles
I might have them hammers, 30 in them handles
Got more ho's then Santa, my Pimpin' bananas
I be wit' the stars, I might need some cameras
I'm a rude boy i might need some manners
I might be on TV on MTV channels
Might be On Demand, put that on the Man!!

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