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Hang Wit Me Lyrics

King Louie – Hang Wit Me Lyrics

I’m smoking all kind of ball change
Loud as fuck, fold now
Gotten hang of and he loud as fuck
Tour that I shoot you up
Most of niggers killers but they cold as fuck
Squeezing old bitches
Ass to the south
Mad ass they owe some bad shit
Talk shit to the roll wine…
Straight dropper don’t your ass shit
Old time niggaare can’t roll it drives tragic
Pull up with a bang roll or some flag shit
All time I had to bankroll you for this bad shit
Quit it baby lacquers everyday
You know that’s bad shit
30 and the 40 I’m on my black shit
Long time they think I’m liking but they capping
Niggers la gangsters but they bragging
Cool niggaare but whole time I’m bout that ice shit
Call me I got ape shit
…rivalry if you tax it
If you want your shit babble it
You know I’m taxing
Show girl in a Gucci that’s your break up
Talk me of a trimmer
I’m bored like your make up
You look …she look good
She wanna hang with me
All niggers be broke as fuck
They wanna try with me
Stax man is on…
Soon as you get your money
You become a friend of me
Damn I’m and my damn on
I think she into me
Hazer slick haze us
They try to haze us
Nobody shouts we give a fake sue
Friday be you mother’s day she gonna brag
Niggaare here like he made it
That bitch had a couple bads and some bad do
Like all my dollars got the main..
Do it!
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