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Difference Lyrics

King Louie – Difference Lyrics

[Hook: Slitta]
The difference between you and me
Nig this shit ain't free
I'm different from you
Its the things that we do
From the shoes on my feet
To the way that we move
It's the things that we do
All the bitches I fucked
All the licks that I pulled
I'm way different from you
From the things that I do
Its the things that we do
Its the Things that we do
The things that we do
I'm different from you
You know I am not you
Things that we do
The things that we do
Its the things that we do
Its the things that we do
Things that we do
You know I am not you
You know I am not you

[Verse 1: King Louie]
Everyday I M.U.B.U
Ain't 100 they fu
I ain't never been ho'd
I ain't never been choked
I do that when I smoke
I ride the city while I'm dolo
You ain't in the city no mo'
They be so Gangsta-K
But they was Gangsta one day
You can end up a day in broad day
You know my squad don't play
Niggas bred by snitches
Acting just like bitches
Couple accident killas
Got em thinking that they drillin
Paid hits how I'm feelin
Closed casket no talking
You a dead man walking
I'm a real nigga living
Make a call they'll kill him
Niggas fraud I don't feel em
Body Snatching like stealin
Bitch we really made drillin


[Verse 2: King Louie]
I ain't nothing like them other Niggas
I love my brothers fuck them other Niggas
Die for my niggas fuck them other niggas
Rolling off them hittas
Rolling with a couple hittas
Catch a couple Goofys
They gone need a couple pictures
I might pull up with a couple bitches
All them bitches know it's bublious
My dick it get double kisses
All I got is double triggers
Face shot he got two faces
I chase a bag what is you chasing?
Polo Ralph what are you racing?
Bally belt 2 faced I be going too crazy
Change a nigga make Him different
Boy that shit you smoking different
On the Internet he on that!
When we seen him it was different

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