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Slide Tunes Lyrics

King Louie – Slide Tunes Lyrics

I come from the mud, checks I run ‘em up
Bitch I wanna fuck, you gon’ let me fuck?
Questions for a slut, roll his homie up
Smoke ‘em ‘til they duck, shot my beamer up
Bought another truck, bitch I’m hard to kill
Rollin’ off a pill, schemin’ on a mil
80 for the deal, regular [?]
Strapped like Navy Seals, dirty money still
Got to pay the bills, hijos want the world
Got to live it up, I been told your girl
Bitch I want to fuck, and she let me fuck
You just lame as fuck, pimpin’ got her stuck
I just wanna nut, this bitch wanna build
Money got me up, got some speed tickets
Bought another [?], they don’t wanna love, I do it for the hate
Long as me and all my brothers straight
These goofy niggas better look the other way
Pick your baby mama up and fuck her face
I still love her though, that’s what a sucker say
My name is Tony, yes I’m [?] on fucking gray
I’m MUBU all day, I don’t know how to break
Your fiends ain’t comin’ back, you don’t know how to shake
Sold so many pounds, running out of weight
You’re lowercase, you don’t got no weight
Boy you told some shit and still ain’t beat your case
Bitch I’m counting bands down at Leo’s place
She want straight Henn, she don’t need no chase
I want bi friends, I don’t want ‘em straight
I want bi friends, I don’t want ‘em gay
She can have a man, don’t want all her time
Only thing I love is them dollar signs
Yeah that pussy good, only one of mine
Thought it was that time, now it’s slide time
RIP old homie, yeah it’s died time
In the day time nigga, primetime, haah?
Kushy smell like base, smoke it to the face
Speeding like it’s safe, I’m up for the chase
Bitches make me cum, money make me race
Tony in shape, racing every day
Got a money date, bitch I’m on my way
I pray for my prey
You park on the street, I park in my place
It’s stacks spent on Dom ‘cause I bought a case
Get my J’s early, I don’t gotta wait
I fuck bella bitches, you just masturbate
You lazy and you broke, I’m always after cake
Always chasing cash, gotta get that bag
Count up on they ass
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