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Vendettas Lyrics

KING 810 – Vendettas Lyrics

I'm finally back home
Hand guns and drug runs and I'm not on my own
I'm surrounded by dead ones
All people that Ive known
And handguns and drug runs left me on this earth alone
But now I'm in my zone

And it reminds me of the time that oh I lost my mind (2x)

But I promised my whole city I wouldn't let the world forget us
That's 100,000 people in me all with vendettas

All with vendettas, all with vendettas
That's 100,000 people in me all with vendettas

(those who have killed a man can I get a show of hands)
(I press my hands together and pray that god will understand)

This is something that you know in a way you never knew it
And everyone is lookin at me like there's rules to music
I am drawn to those that I can share the struggle with
Sadly most of my peers are little fuckin kids
And I know the Vedas
And the universe is holographic
And there's collective consciousness
And fractals
And cymatics
I know these things
I know I'm god in this land as a conscience being
"I am the I am"
(you know what fuck it just let it run man)

[Verse: Zuse]

Young nigga from the projects
Young nigga from the ghetto
Young nigga from the concrete
Shots ringing out like heavy metal
I'm a seed in the ground
Grew out to be a rose pedal
Bring it to your face like “hello”
You can tellem I said I meant it I get it these niggas ain't fuckin with me
Fuck a judge a copper and every lawyer tryin to hold a nigga in a penitentiary
Dreams of ownin Benzes and them Bentleys
All about the paper power and cream
Cash rules everything around me
810 my people rockin with me
Chopper ringin singin on these motherfuckers
Smoking them away with my marijuana
Bring it to you face you know I like the drama
AK on me but you know I like the llama


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