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Best Nite Of My Life Lyrics

KING 810 – Best Nite Of My Life Lyrics

[Verse 1: David Gunn]
The fact that you’re ecstatic I’m here is insulting
Means you truly didn’t believe that shit that I was talking
That surprised look on your face is disgusting
My will is the law know that if you know one thing
I’m still that defensive child that can be touched by no man
Not even the preacher I’ll saw off his fucking hands
Here’s something that a square can’t understand
If they baptize me in a lake ill drink the water till its land

My skins full of bad dead men
Skins full of good women
Some I’ll see when I go some I’ll never see them again
Cuz this hell were in

Feels like an uphill fight
Feels like I’m wrong when I’m right
Feels like the best nite of my life
Feels like my skins too tight
Feels like I’ve lost my might
Feels like the best nite of my life

Scars in my face and they’re never coming out
Like my friends in a cage and it’s all I think about

[Verse 2: David Gunn]
What made you think I wanted new friends?
My dead ones are just fine those were good men
My incarcerated ones will eventually come home again
You got bullets in your skin
You ain't been where I’ve been
Are you tired of hearing that yet?
Well I’m tired of hearing lines about violence and empty threats
And what you would do
And if and when
Flint Michigan
Step into the lion’s den


Cold, becoming
It’s crawling under my skin
It gets old and its numbing and it will never be the same way again

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