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Messy Hoes Lyrics

Killumantii – Messy Hoes Lyrics

One thing I can't stand
Is a messy ass hoe
Always running her damn mouth
Always telling folks what she know
Shut the fuck up bitch
Cause you really sound retarded
Got folks outside finna fight
Over some shit that you done started
See that's why I don't fuck with these bitches
And none of the niggas
Cause they messy too
Them niggas be lying
For the opps the be spying
And they be denying
The shit that be true
These hoes ain't 100
They flip floppy too
Start up some shit
And then blame it on you
Start up some rumors
That ain't even true
Now you hearing shit about you
That ain't even true
Like "yes girl she said don't shoe nobody but I'm finna let you see"
But if she said nobody
Then why the fuck you showing me
You hoes ain't finna hang with me
Huh look I gotta go
And I ain't got time for none of y'all hoes
Cause all of y'all petty miserable and broke
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