It's my money, gonna spend it on gum
It's my career, I can do a shark jump
It's my jaw, I can wire it shut
I can read Goosebumps, there my favorite books!

Dead cat and dirty dishes everywhere
Hands in pants 'cause I'm itchy there!
I just came to shame my mother
Ain't ever gonna marry Thor's brother!
Trying to be a poor man's Gaga
Or an albino Rihanna!
Now I'm dating a French guy
Made out of French fries!
Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!

I look just like Tweety
If he was funny!
Gonna give my poor daddy
An achey breaky heart attack!
(Miley's dad: Sweet nibblets!)
This is my butt!
This is my cooch!

And I won't stop, chewing my gum!
Trying really hard to be edgy
Is my middle finger to Disney!
Freaky hand chop!
Pepto Bismol!
This is my musical cry for help
Can't buy a clue with all this wealth!
No bums!

It's my booty, gonna put it on stuff
It's my booty, I can drag it on a rug!
It's my booty, I can put it on Doug
I can put it on a pug
Or all of the above!

I can try to be classy, but what for?
I wanna get my face on Mount Slutmore!
Remember only God can judge us
Unless you're busted then judge can judge, uh-uh!
Trying to be s***, but it's just sad!
Is this an American aparallel?
I'm not anorexic, just replace breakfast
With crack!

Miley's dad
Now Miley is asleep
Nobody make a peep!
Now, get up off your feet
I'm gonna show you a cool dance!
Now, everybody clap!
Take two steps back!
I just latch on
To her hit song!
My wife gave birth to a cash machine!
Sometimes she'll let me be in her movies!

Get out Daddy, or else I'm gonna pound you!

Miley's dad
Don't you sass me! I can still ground you!
For getting that dumb Sharon Stone hair-do
And I heard you were dating a French dude!
Where is he?

Stop Daddy!

Miley's dad
I'll kill, you bastard

Stop Daddy!

Miley's dad

He's my boyfriend!
I love him!

Miley's dad
French fry guy!

I hate you!

Miley's dad
U. S. A.!
(speaks) Tasty!
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We Can't Stop Parody Lyrics

Key Of Awesome – We Can't Stop Parody Lyrics