When I hang around my house,
I do it theatrically, Is somebody watching me?
Hey, Oh it's you,
You scared the crap outta me, Why are yo filming me?
Don't you know I hate it when you sneak up on me like that,
I was just about to crack you in the head with this bat,
So now, I'm gonna read a book, and give you a dirty look,
Just let me read my book, god!

I like to dress up like a fabulous clown,
Do you like my hair up or does it look better down,
When it's Emo like this I look Japanese,
I look like Zoolander now. Hey!
Why are you filming me, I'm using the lavatory,
Doing a number 3!

Hey, By the way, did you pay the cable bill?
It was on the windowsill
You're hot but your dumber than a shoe,
I'm singing about a dude, but they wont let me show the dude Hey!
Because parents were outraged when I was only ama's,
But they seemed to be ok with lady gaga's vajayjay!

It's totally cool when two chicks make out,
Everyone is amused,
I just put my crotch in my dancers face and it got on the news,
That doesn't make sense to me,
Ow I just hit my knee,
Why are you filming me?
Stop laghing at me!
Why are you filming me!
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Adam Lambert- Why Are You Filming Me? Lyrics

Key Of Awesome – Adam Lambert- Why Are You Filming Me? Lyrics