You leave work early
But your not sick-ah
You're racing home
To get yo' fix
You use to do it
To releve stress-ah
But now you have
Becomed obssessed with


Kittens, on the web!
(Ah, Ah, Ah)
You watch them,
Untill yo' dead
('till yo' dead)
Ah, Ah, Ah!


But your obssession never ends-ah
You send annoying links to your friends
"This one's on a roller, look at him go!
This one sounds like he's saying helloh-oh! "
Your whole world is now consumed-ah
Your laptop is a furry tomb-ah
They've become your owners now
You hail upon their every miau


Kittens, on the web!
(On the web!)
Batching at the strings...
Inside yo' head!
(In yo' head!)


"We little kittens
(We little kittens)
Ask their mittens
(Ask their mittens)
They began to cry
(They began to cry)"

You've lost your job
And all your loot-ah
Your Garfield sweatshirts
Are no longer truth-ah
Yo' mother says you'll
Never find a man-ah
You think the ninja cat
Is your boyfriend!

Now they've taken complete control,
I can haz cheezburguer?
I can haz your soul!

Whille you sit and "oh well"
They're furry palms drag you to hell


Yeah yeah!
Watch what yo' doin' with that

Oh, oh

Ha, ha, ha, ha (Fade Out)
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Heavy Metal Cats Lyrics

Key Of Awesome – Heavy Metal Cats Lyrics