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Rocket Lyrics

Kevin Abstract – Rocket Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I built a rocket in my foster dad's garage
I'm 'bout to launch it in about 5
Living in a small town, tonight was my prom
Decided not to go, rather focus on my future
Trying to push the culture, a little bit forward
RIP to Steve Jobs, anyways
Back to my night
Me and my buddy Derek and my homie Aaron Merritt
Created this ship so I can ship off to my parents
Cause I'm sick of this foster home, daddy why you leave me 'lone
Mommy why you leave me 'lone
Love me lots or love me none
I've seen the buildings fall
As I got older, my pants got tighter and my friends got whiter
All the idols I admire seem to smile and expire
Screaming fire, fire, fire
My eyes glow brighter
They smile in they pictures, while they daddy's pick 'em up from school
I'm salty in my pictures, what is wrong with this nigga?
That is what my teacher's thinking
I don't give a fuck, about what people thinking
Cause normally you see these people ain't thinking
Learned that from Yeezus
Mommy mail me letters telling me I need to find Jesus
Creatures creeping in my ears them the ones that turn to demons
Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, Pinkman
In this garage from 6 in the evening till 6 am
When I'm whimpering and bleeding at my fingertips
All for a rocket ship
Mad at all my jaded friends, they faded before the day begins
Started off by blazing sixths of shit
Plus two, same shit
Hate this, ay kid
Pray for a savior
The irony behind that line is so fucking crazy
I guess I'm on my own now
Guess I'm all alone now
Maybe I can phone ya now
You can come back from California now

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