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IWB Lyrics

Kevin Abstract – IWB Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kevin Abstract]
You internet weird boy go and close your laptop
Bet your friends that [?]
Imagine if your cousin never got shot
Imagine if shots never got thrown
I'm alumni looking for a home
All these motherfuckers looking for a clone
And I'm searching for the purpose
I'm the furthest thing from worthless
I'm the furthest thing from perfect'
I just thought I'd let y'all know
Barely touched the surface
My cousin back in the morning
My good god done closed the curtains
I just sold my fucking soul
Who done let y'all in, my veins, still crawling
Bangin' on that, slangin' all that
Made to fall back, made to sit back
My daze of me up in that bush, no more
Remember when I wanna ride, let's go
Little black boy [?] Glock, let's go
Big bro had the whole block on froze
All pink everything, I think I'm Cam'ron
Playing Bloody Mary, keep my lamp on
Pull up Chevy truck, with the [?]
And sing Yellow song
See my homie here but tomorrow, yeah they not around
That's something I know, but I won't stand my fucking ground
Lose my world, my mind, all the time, I'm a fucking child

[Verse 2: Matt Champion]
Rellas is drippin' like ooh
Fingertip grippin' that ooh
Find me on top of the world
Fuck you right under the moon
Bitch speaking French on the phone, brr
Colors of my body looking vibrant
I got a thotty on vibrate
She hit me on the phone, no vibrate, lightweight
No socks rolled up [?] Nike's
Eyelids low, skirt in the clouds
Better fuck her on the driveway, top on the highway
Oh my god, don't come round here
The sun round here, the fun round here
Oh my god, what the fuck you do with it
Try to come through with it
Baby, [?] with it
Oh my god, oh my god

[Verse 3: Ameer Vann]
Rock star with the top down, on my sixth shot call me Mike Brown
Wear the name like a thorn crown, let go and see the white now
Little boy from the H-town, raised in the sewers in the city of the syrup
Skype call to Europe like brrt
Money come fast when you born like this
With that flow so crisp, nigga been lit since high school
Where I learn to trap with them white dudes, what that white do, nigga you don't know
I done paid my dues, I don't fuck with you, I wear Marvin Blackman Tennis shoes
And all year round, that mink coat to match and wood on the dash of my candy 'Lac
All this shit I ain't supposed to have with my selfish ass, I've been living lavish
Hair so big that the roof is absent, chains so big that my neck be cracking
Whip so slick that I slip through traffic, same old shit from when they brought me here
And the smokes too thick to see my fate is clear, I might disappear and then reappear
Because I'm mostly smoke, I'm always dope, never going broke and never did before
Doing pretty good far as geniuses go, know they want thug but they needed some more
Most know about slim, they don't know about ro'
They don't know about chrome, they don't know about po'
They don't know about the screw, they don't know about the mo'
2813308004 hit Mike Jones up on the low, because Mike Jones about to blow

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